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In addition to the very best in education and training, Capricorn TVET College provides its students with the opportunity to be leaders. The members of our Student Representative Council (SRC) make vital contributions to the life of the College and act as true leaders among their peers. Ongoing workshops ensure that these individuals are well equipped to perform their duties, and serving on the SRC allows students to:

  • Develop skills in leadership and communication
  • Gain an understanding of democratic processes
  • Bare responsibility by solving real problems and making real decisions
  • Share in decision-making with College management and their fellow students
  • The SRC is a governance structure elected annually through a democratic election process which is monitored by the Independent Electoral Body.

The CET Colleges Act (No 16 of 2006) states that the function of the SRC is to ensure “the students of the college are represented by the SRC in all matters that may affect them”.

The Continuing Education and Training Colleges Act (2006) states that the establishment of the SRC must be determined by the College Council after consultation with the students of the college, subject to policy determined by the Members of the Executive Council. In addition, the following have reference:

– The Constitution of South Africa

– The Batho Pele principle

– The Manifesto on Values, Education and Democracy

– Public Service Act


Student Representative Council establishment and functioning

Every year an extensive leadership development programme is implemented to assist the SRC with fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as the mouthpiece of the student community. The SRC assists Student Support Officers to arrange various campus activities that include sport, recreation and cultural events, talent shows and community outreach projects


Ouma Kotlolo

SRC President

Mgwambane Maria

Deputy President

Kwetepane Juliet


Sefolo Kgothato

Deputy Secretary

Kgoale Koketso



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Are you interested to become the voice of your fellow students?

If yes, use your democratic power to elect your campus SRC members and class representatives. Student leaders will address your issues and help to make student life more fun. Make sure you volunteer your help and attend Student mass meetings to make your voice heard. Feel free to speak to your SRC members on campus if you encounter any problems or challenges.

Contact Your Campus Student Support Office