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Congratulations on Completing your Academic Programme.

As Capricorn TVET College, we understand that your graduation ceremony marks a milestone in your life and that it is a special moment that is celebrated with family, friends, and loved ones. The College will announce the dates for its in-person (physical) graduation ceremonies. We will be sharing pertinent information with you to ensure that your graduation day proceeds as smoothly as possible. 

Please be aware that graduation tickets are not for sale.                       


You are allowed to bring along two (2) guests only. No additional guests or children under the age of seven (7) years will be allowed. 

Tickets are not for sale. 

Arrival Time

It is recommended that you arrive at least 60 minutes before the commencement of the ceremony. Guests and graduands’ need to be seated at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony in the Graduation Hall.  

Doors will be closing 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.


Make your way to the registration points. Here you will receive your name card, which you will have to give to the Campus’ representative on the stage. Please always keep your name card with you.

Academic Attire

You must ensure that you have the correct academic attire, and you must wear your full academic attire when entering the Graduation Hall.

Procedures during the Graduation Ceremony

Please take note of the following procedures that will take place before the graduation ceremony.


Always keep your graduand card with you, as you will need to show the card to the College official before crossing the stage.  Please take note of the following: – Hand your graduand card to the College official at the podium as s/he or they will need to read your name from the card. 

Stand on the spot marked next to the podium for the College appointed photographer to take your photograph. Move to the desk where the College Council Chairperson and Principal are seated. 

The College Council Chairperson or Principal will cap you. You will walk to the member of College who will be standing at the end of the stage and who will hood you.  Stand on the spot marked on the carpet facing the audience whilst the official College photographer takes a final stage photograph of you. 

Take your scroll and qualification as you exit from the stage. Please complete the graduate exit survey before you leave the Graduation Hall.


  • Your guest/s in the Graduation Hall needs to be seated at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  • All guests are reminded that flash photography is not allowed, and cellphones must be placed on silent during the ceremony.
  • The use of a vuvuzela, whistle or any noise-emitting instrument during the ceremony is prohibited and will be confiscated.
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards the staff will not be tolerated and protection officers may be requested to remove people who disrupt the proceedings at any stage.

Children under the age of seven (7) years will not be allowed into the ceremony. 

Graduation Photography

All official graduation photos will be taken by the College’s Official Service Provider. Graduation photography taken by any other service provider/person other than the official College photographer is not allowed in the graduation hall. Graduands are not allowed to bring their own photographer into the graduation hall. Such photographers will be removed by the College’s staff and will be requested to leave the venue immediately.

Arrangement for Persons with Disabilities

Should you or your guest have a disability and require assistance during the graduation, please make prior arrangements with the College by calling 015 230 1800. For example, if you are blind, a wheelchair user, or a Deaf person requiring sign language interpretation, please let us know. If you require access to disability parking bays, please call us in advance.

Please direct any queries pertaining to your ceremony to the Examinations  Office on 015 230 1800.